Juggling For A Cure is a nonprofit company, founded in 2008, that synthesizes juggling with service and education.  

Donald Trump courageously stands up to Bill Clinton, media, and feminists

98 percent and the lynchings of Black men

Macaw Diabetes

Syrian Refugees and American Priorities

National Security and the Authority of Law Enforcement

Gambling Addiction

Hillary Clinton and the lynchings of Black men

Violence Against Gay People

Bill Cosby and Hotel Discrimination

Juggling adds white matter to the brain

Bill Clinton's sexual assaults.  Not pursued like Bill Cosby

Cops Lives Matter

Deaths of Samuel DuBose and Sandra Bland

Little girl gets new feet

Black Women Matter

Bill Cosby, Black Men, and Crime Statistics

Bill Cosby, Black Men, Black Boys, and Criminal Justice

Bill Cosby, Show Business, and Drug Use

Preventing International Child Abductions

Andy Dick, not Bill Cosby, was convicted on sexually assaulting women

Marijuana has negative effect on academic performance

Ugandan child dying of hunger holds the hand of a missionary

Judd Apatow and the lynchings of Black men

Santa Ana Police abuses business and customers

Baby raccoon rescued by Good Samaritan

Attempt to discredit Bill Cosby failed

Amy Schumer raped college student

Bill Cosby, Black Men, and American Society

Bill Cosby: Women are not all the same

Freddie Gray

Are you or your children vitamin D deficient?

Feminists and False Rape Accusations

Blacks who lynch Bill Cosby's character

Beverly Johnson lied about Bill Cosby

Cosby accuser Janice Dickinson said she had sex with over a thousand men

Many Bill Cosby allegations have shaky origins

Bill Cosby accuser Tamara Green was suspended from legal practice.

College basketball player with brain tumor inspires others.

NFL's Brian Banks imprisoned due to false rape accusation.  Easy for men to be destroyed by false rape accusations

FBI used terror, not law enforcement, when targeting Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

Republicans cutting Social Security Disability
Bill Cosby, Loch Ness Monster, and Bigfoot

France's Terrorist Attack and U.S. Law Enforcement

Protests in Mexico City demanding action for 43 students missing since they were abducted by police

Smithsonian 3D Portrait of President Obama

Nigerian schoolgirls who escaped from Boco Haram militants

Power of Giving

Kathrine Switzer completes 1967 Boston Marathon

Montgomery County Sheriff's (Dayton, Ohio) captain and detective's racist text messages

Ronald McNair, astronaut who died aboard space shuttle Challenger.

Meredith Vieira discusses Multiple Sclerosis

Lesson From A Child (video)

Lesson From A Child

Darren Wilson Needs Job

Camille Cosby stands by Bill

U.S. Marine wipes tears from his face as he kneels beside a body wrapped in a poncho during a firefight

Bill Cosby: A Juggling Tribute

Close-up of birds performing a murmuration taken with my cell phone in Colorado

Horse meets Israeli boy with Williams Syndrome

Veterans Day 2014  Video:

Mexican students killed were abducted by police

Kuroshio Sea in Okinawa, Japan

Nasal Vaccine Shows Promise Against Ebola Virus

Teenage Basketball Player Fighting Brain Tumor Fulfills Dream

FBI Letter

Asking Strangers For Food

Bearing Your Cross

Mexican Culinary History 

Images That Show the True Face of the World

Hotels' Drinking Glasses Not Being Properly Cleaned

 Tomorrow's World: Guide to the Next 150 Years

Ohio Police Executes John Crawford for Holding Toy Gun at Walmart

Police Officer Shoots Man Grabbing Driver  License

Black Law Enforcement Abuse 

Motel Smoking Nonsmoking Rooms

CIA-Sponsored Psychosis, LSD Study, 1955

Natural Occipital Neuralgia Treatment

Genius Math Tricks

Mice are hazards to your health and safety


Police Abuse and Black Leadership

Robin Williams as Popeye

Self-defense Against a Douchebag

Idaho Gas Pump Sign
My Childhood Abuse

Nutritional Drink

Wounded Knee Massacre 

Poisonous Snakes: A Juggling View 

Dishonest Law Enforcement Pursues Innocent Person   Eric Glisson freed after 20 years of wrongful imprisonment.  Example of dishonest detectives and district attorney.  They knew the real killers were using the victim's cell phone, but ignored them and pursued an innocent person.

Pot Holes and Child Safety

Reverse Discrimination: A Juggling View

Obama Assassination Comments

Bank Fees

Marijuana and Driving

A Bet Down the Wrong Road

Alzheimer's Disease: A Juggling View

Mary McLeod Bethune: A Juggling Tribute

Mary Wollstonecraft: A Juggling Tribute

Violence Against Women: A Juggling View

Anti-Semitism: A Juggling View
American Indian Genocide: A Juggling View

Americaine Genocide Indien: Un Point de Vue Jonglerie (French)

Gambling Addiction: A Juggling View

Prostate Cancer: A Juggling View

World Poverty: A Juggling View

Cesar Chavez: A Juggling Tribute

Cincinnati: A Juggling Tribute

Alcoholism: A Juggling View

Sports Betting: A Juggling View

Apuestas Deportivas: Una Vision que hace Juegos Malabares (Sports Betting, Spanish)

Apostas Desportivas: A View Juggling (Sports Betting, Portuguese)

Paris Sportifs: Un Point de Vue Jonglerie (Sports Betting, French)

Scommesse Sportive: A Juggling View (Sports Betting, Italian)

Sportspel: En Jonglering Visa (Sports Betting, Swedish)

Sportweddenschappen: Een Juggling View (Sports Betting, Dutch)

Sportwetten: Ein Jongieren Anzeigen (Sports Betting, German)

Japanese American Internment: A Juggling View

Mexican Drug Cartels: A Juggling View

Los Carteles Mexicanos de la Droga: Una Vision que Hace Juegos Malabares

Italian Mafia: A Juggling Vista

Mafia Italiana: A Juggling View (Italian)

Black Women History: A Juggling Tribute

Ronald Reagan: A Juggling Tribute

Heart Attack: A Juggling View

Cardiaco: A Juggling View (Heart Attack, Italian)

Ataque del Corazon: Una Vision que Hace Juegos Malabares (Heart Attack, Spanish)

Crise Cardiaque: Un Point de Vue Jonglerie (Heart Attack, French)

Hartaanval: Een Jongleren View (Heart Attack, Dutch)

Heart Attack: Bir Hokkabazlik Goruntule (Heart Attack, Turkish)

Herzinfarkt: Ein Jonglieren Anzeigen (Heart Attack, German)

Hjartattack: En Jonglering Visa (Heart Attack, Swedish)

Trayvon Martin: A Juggling Tribute

Tiananmen Square: A Juggling View

Homophobia: A Juggling View

Islamophobia: A Juggling View

Teachers: A Juggling Tribute

Prescription Drug Dangers: A Juggling View

Diabetes: A Juggling View

Cukrzyca: Zobacz Juggling (Diabetes, Polish)

Diabetes: En Jonglering View (Danish)

Cukrovka: Zonglovani Zobrazit (Diabetes, Czech)

Racial Profiling: A Juggling View

Periodic Table: A Juggling Tribute

Tableau Periodique: A Tribute Jonglerie (Periodic Table, French)

Tabela Periodica: Um Tributo Malabarismo (Periodic Table, Portuguese)

Tabla Periodica: Una Vision que Hace Juegos Malabares (Periodic Table, Spanish)

Tavola Periodic: A Juggling View (Periodic Table, Italian)

Periodensystems: Ein Jonglieren Tribute (Periodic Table, German)

Periodic Table: Een Jongleren Tribute (Dutch)

Periodiska Systemet: En Jonglering Tribute (Periodic Table, Swedish)

Periyodik Tablo: Bir Hokkabazlik Tribute (Periodic Table, Turkish)

Slavery in Africa: A Juggling View

La Esclavitud en Africa: Una Vision que Hace Juegos Malabares (Slavery in Africa, Spanish)

L'esclavage en Afrique: Un Point de vue Jonglerie (Slavery in Africa, French)

Niewolnictwo w Afryce: Zobacz Juggling (Slavery in Africa, Polish)

Escravidao na Africa: A View Juggling (Slavery in Africa, Portuguese)

La Schiavitu in Africa: A Juggling View (Slavery in Africa, Italian)

Sklaverei in Afrika: Ein Jonglieren Anzeigen (Slavery in Africa, German)

Slaveri i Afrika: En Jonglering Visa (Slavery in Africa, Swedish)

Slavernij in Afrika: Een Jongleren View (Slavery in Africa, Dutch)

Afrika Kolelik: Bir Hokkabazlik Goruntule (Slavery in Africa, Turkish)

Otroctvi v Africe: Zonglovani Zobrazit (Slavery in Africa, Czech)


Abortion: A Juggling View

African American Unemployment: A Juggling View

Al Qaeda: A Juggling View

Al Qaeda: A Juggling View (Italian)

Al Qaeda: Een Juggling View (Dutch)

Al Qaeda: Un Point de Vue Jonglerie (French)

Al Qaeda: Una Vision que Hace Juegos Malabares (Spanish)

American Indian Genocide: Een Jongleren View (Dutch)

Anger: A Juggling View

Arab History: A Juggling Tribute

Arthrite: Un Point de Vue Jonglerie

Arthritis: A Juggling View

Artrit: En Jonglering Visa (Swedish)

Artritis: Een Juggling View (Dutch)

Artritis: Una Vision Que Hace Juegos Malabares (Spanish)

Asian History: A Juggling Tribute

Ayrimcilik Ters: Bir Hokkabazlik Goruntule (Reverse Discrimination, Turkish)


Bipolar Disorder: A Juggling View

Bipolar Storung: Ein Jonglieren Anzeigen (Bipolar Disorder, German)

Black History: A Juggling Tribute

Black on Black Crime: A Juggling View

Bortforanden av Barn: En Jonglering Visa (Child Abduction, Swedish)

Buffalo Soldiers: A Juggling Tribute

Buffalo Soldiers: A Juggling Tribute (Italian)

Buffalo Soldiers: A Tribute Jonglerie (French)

Buffalo Soldiers: Bir Hokkabazlik Goruntule (Turkish)

Buffalo Soldiers: Een Jongleren Tribute (Dutch)

Buffalo Soldiers: Ein Jonglieren Tribute (German)

Buffalo Soldiers: En Jonglering Tribute (Swedish)

Buffalo Soldiers: Tribute Juggling (Polish)

Buffalo Soldiers: Um Tributo Malabarismo (Portuguese)

Buffalo Soldiers: Un tributo que Hace Juegos Malabares (Spanish)

Buffalo Soldiers: Zonglovani Tribute (Czech)


Camoy6NNcTBo: XoHrnNpoBaHNe View (Suicide, Russian)

Canada: A Juggling Tribute

Child Abduction: A Juggling View

Child Pornography: A Juggling View

China: A Juggling Tribute

Christianity: A Juggling Tribute

Cincinnati Black History: A Juggling Tribute

Cinco de Mayo: A Juggling Tribute

Cinco de Mayo: Un Tribute que hace Juegos Malabares (Spanish)

Civil Rights Movement: A Juggling Tribute

Cocuk Kacirma: Bir Hokkabazlik Goruntule (Child Abduction, Turkish)


Dinosaur: A Juggling Tribute

Democratic Party: A Juggling Tribute

Discriminazione alla Rovescia (Reverse Discrimination, Italian)

Dogs: A Juggling Tribute

Drug Addiction: A Juggling View


European History: A Juggling Tribute


Fumar: A View Juggling (Smoking, Portuguese)

Fumar: Una Vision que hace Juegos Malabares (Smoking, Spanish)

Fumo: A Juggling View (Smoking, Italian)


Genocidio Indigena Americano: Una Vision Que Hace Juegos Malabares (American Indian Genocide, Spanish)

GOP: A Juggling Tribute


Historia Latina: A Un Homenaje de Malabarismo (Latino History Tribute, Spanish)

Hitler: A Juggling View

HIV/AIDS: A Juggling View


Indio Americano Genocidio: A View Juggling (American Indian Genocide, Portuguese)

Inverser la Discrimination: Un Point de Vue Jonglerie (Reverse Discrimination, French)

Islam: A Juggling Tribute

Israel: A Juggling Tribute


Jeanne d'Arc: Un hommage Jonglerie (Joan of Arc, French)

Jerry Falwell: A Juggling Tribute

Jewish History: A Juggling Tribute

Joan of Arc: A Juggling Tribute


Kindesentfuhrung: Ein Jonglieren Anzeigen (Child Abduction, German)

Ku Klux Klan: A Juggling View

Ku Klux Klan: A Juggling View (Italian)

Ku Klux Klan: A View Juggling (Portuguese)

Ku Klux Klan: A vue Jonglerie (French)

Ku Klux Klan: Een Juggling View (Dutch)

Ku Klux Klan: Ein Jonglieren Anzeigen (German)

Ku Klux Klan: En Jonglering Visa (Swedish)

Ku Klux Klan: Una Vision que hace Juegos Malabares (Spanish)


Latino History: A Juggling Tribute

Law Enforcement: A Juggling Tribute

Le Trouble Bipolaire: Un Point de Vu Jonglerie (Bipolar Disorder, French)

L'enlevement d'enfants: Un Point de Vue Jonglerie (Child Abduction, French)


Maconha: A View Juggling (Marijuana, Portuguese)

Marijuana: A Juggling View

Marijuana: Ein Jonglieren Anzeigen (German)

Marijuana: Un Point De Vue Jonglerie (French)

Marijuana: Una Vision que Hace Juegos Malabares (Spanish)

Mary Wollstonecraft: A Juggling Tribute (Italian)

Mary Wollstonecraft: Een Jongleren Tribute (Dutch)

Mary Wollstonecraft: En Jonglering Tribute (Swedish)

Mary Wollstonecraft: Um Tributo Malabarismo (Portuguese)

Mary Wollstonecraft: Un Point de Vue Jonglerie (French) 

Mary Wollstonecraft: Un Tribute que Hace Juegos Malabares (Spanish)

Mexico: A Juggling Tribute

Martin Luther King, Jr: A Juggling Tribute


Native American History: A Juggling Tribute


Ohio African American History: A Juggling Tribute

Ontvoering van Kinderen: Een Jongleren View (Child Abduction, Dutch)

Overcoming Addiction: A Juggling Tribute


Rapto de Criancas: A View Juggling (Child Abduction, Portuguese) 

Roka: En Jonglering Visa (Smoking, Swedish)

Roken: Een Juggling View (Smoking, Dutch)


Secuestro de Ninos: Una Vision que Hace Juegos Malabares (Child Abduction, Spanish)

Selbstmord: Ein Jonglieren Anzeigen (Suicide, German)

September 11th: A Juggling View

Sickle Cell Disease: A Juggling View

Slavery: A Juggling View

Smoking: A Juggling View

Sottrazione di Minori: A Juggling View (Child Abduction, Italian)

South Africa: A Juggling Tribute

Stand Your Ground: A Juggling View

Stop the Bigotry: A Juggling Tribute

Suicide: A Juggling View

Suicide: Un Point de Vue Jonglerie (French)

Suicidio: A Juggling View (Suicide, Italian)

Suicidio: A View Juggling (Suicide, Portuguese)

Suicidio: Una Vision que Hace Juegos Malabares (Suicide, Spanish)


Tabagisme: Un Point de Vue Jonglerie (Smoking, French)

Teachers: A Juggling Tribute

Trayvon Martin: A Tribute Jonglerie (French)

Trayvon Martin: Un Tributo que Hace Juegos Malabares (Spanish)
Tuskegee Airmen: A Juggling Tribute


Umgekehrte Diskriminierung: Ein Jonglieren Anzeigen (Reverse Discrimination, German)

United Kingdom: A Juggling Tribute

United States: A Juggling Tribute

Unosu Deti: Zonglovani Zobrazit (Child Abduction, Czech)


White History: A Juggling Tribute

Women History: A Juggling Tribute


Zelfmoord: Een Juggling View (Suicide, Dutch)

Long-Term Care