Letter to Special Agents Thomas Ravenelle, head of the Denver/Colorado Springs FBI, and Special Agent Kevin Cornelius, head of the Cincinnati FBI.


Dear Special Agents Ravenelle and Cornelius:

Friday, October 10, 2014, I visited Best Buy at 3150 New Center Point in Colorado Springs and noticed what appeared to be motorists surveilling me.  This harassment has been ongoing.  The ordeal started in Cincinnati, Ohio about 1½ years ago.  It has been a terrifying experience.   The terror I encountered was from law enforcement.  This included Cincinnati Police marked cars, Hamilton County Sheriff’s helicopters, and a plethora of plain clothes officers or agents, which I believe were state or federal law enforcement.

The ordeal started after I wrote letters criticizing a well-connected corporation in Cincinnati for not having African Americans on its board, even though African Americans make up part of the company’s customer base.  African Americans constitute about 45 percent of Cincinnati’s population.   Through Juggling For A Cure, I have also addressed other issues, such as abuse of women, anti-Semitism, homophobia, American Indian genocide, Islamophobia, reverse discrimination, kidnapping, and many other issues.

I do not know why law enforcement has been making an incursion into my life, but do know that this terror started after I wrote letters criticizing the company for not having African Americans on its board.

 A Hamilton County Sheriff’s helicopter flew daily low flights over my home.  I believe the officer(s) intent was to harass and bring terror to my life.  The impetus of the harassment was not law enforcement.  It took several of my calls to the Hamilton County Sheriff’s leadership before the harassment stopped.

I have always been fearful of criminals, but am now more frightened by the people who are supposed to uphold laws and respect American citizens.  Law enforcement officers have me scared to go about my daily business.  This harassment is occurring while I have not been afforded the opportunity to have this matter taken before a jury of U.S. citizens.  

Taking this matter to a court of law and putting the issue out in the open would expose who is in the wrong, would it not?  Why not let the American people know what is happening to me?  I am probably not the only American citizen encountering this sort of harassment.  Why surveillance and harass me when I would readily offer any information you request?

Cell phone cameras appear to be a regular tool of my harassers.  The phone is always on the person’s ear that is facing me.  This was the case in Cincinnati and at Best Buy in Colorado Springs, where the person sat in the car bent at about a 20 degree angle.  The angle would be necessary in order to get a clear video of me.  The person stayed in this 20 degree bent position for a long period of time, never sitting up or utilizing the speaker.   Most people would not normally be able to maintain this statue-like bent position for such a long period of time.  Their backs and arms would start to hurt and they would adjust their positions.

I am fighting an illness while also having to endure terror from law enforcement officers.  Are these plain clothes officers your agents?  If so, Special Agents Ravenelle and Cornelius, why are your agents bringing terror to my life?

These agents, of course, have guns.  What if I make a gesture that they mistake as dangerous?  I have never harmed—nor do I have any intentions of harming—anyone.  None the less, my being trailed by agents with guns puts my life in danger, especially when the agents have been told that I am some sort of dangerous person.  If the agents realize that I am not a dangerous person, why then am I being followed and harassed?

If the individuals terrorizing me are not your agents, then I request your help in finding out what law enforcement agency the harassers are connected to.  I would like to contact that agency to have my concerns addressed.


Ken Lewis